Teacapán has great tourist potential thanks to its beautiful beaches, its rich archeological sites, and a vast array of natural beauty. Visitors can engage in diverse activities including tours through the mangrove zone, which is populated by herons, ducks, pelicans, fishing eagles, and alligators.

The town of Teacapán is located in only 88 km south of Mazatlán and right on the Pacific Ocean, in the region known as Marismas Nacionales (National Marshlands). The marshlands themselves extend over 80 km inland. The town boasts slightly over 4000 inhabitants and is considered a paradise on earth, blessed with an extraordinary natural beauty reflected by its florid mangroves and coconut palm trees. Teacapán is considered the largest extension of estuaries nationwide, located directly on the mouth of the Las Cañas River, forming a group of coastal habitats whose vegetation is characterized by its resistance to salinity. These ecosystems consist of sea-level terrain which remain flooded most of the time, resulting in “marshlands” or “wetlands.”

The main activity of the inhabitants is fishing, their variegated catch including the oysters and scallops for which Teacapán is famous.

Teacapán has decent and acceptable hotel opportunities along its beautiful pristine beaches, which include Las Cabras, La Tambora and Las Lupitas. The beach front at the mouth of the river is the place for fishing and water sports.

If you like fishing, the potential catch includes snook, sierra, snapper, corvine, croaker and blowfish. Or if swordfish is your preference, deep sea fishing is also available in Teacapán.

Enjoy a boat tour to Bird Island where you will navigate through mangrove-lush channels and watch dolphins swimming through the wake of the boat. You can also enjoy a tour to Isabel Island, located 64 km off the coast. Isabel Island is a Mexican ecologic reserve with clear waters, thousands of birds, lush vegetation, and an actual volcano, which makes this island the ideal place for getting in touch with Mother Nature. You can also take a tour of the Shell Pyramid, an archeological site recently discovered by the natives of the area.

The beautiful beaches of Teacapán are also the natural habitat of sea turtles, whose annual return during the summer months provides another fascinating natural attraction. Among the species are the Gulf turtle or Lora; the dark turtle and the Hawksbill turtle or Carey. Based on its spectacular natural beauty, Teacapán is predicted to become, within the next five years, the next largest core tourism development in all of Mexico.

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