El Quelite

El Quelite

El Quelite is only 23 miles north of Mazatlán, a picturesque town with narrow, cobblestone streets and central square. Rural colonial architecture combines with verandas and sidewalks brightly colored by bougainvillea. El Quelite is well-known for its regionally-based cuisine, featuring homemade dishes such as pork gorditas, fresh basket cheese and Jocoque (buttermilk), as well as the traditional Charrería. Near the banks of the El Quelite River you can visit the cheese factory and ornamental fish tanks, or watch a game of Ulama, still played as it was in ancient times.

Located 30 minutes north of Mazatlán (and 10 minutes past the Tropic of Cancer), the lifestyle of El Quelite inhabitants is far removed from its Mazatlecan neighbors. The people of El Quelite still keep ancient customs, and have managed to preserve the original architecture of old rural Mexico, which makes it an attraction that will enhance your experience all the more, as a visit to this town is like traveling back through time.

El Quelite is a picturesque town dating from the 19th Century, whose history includes the Mexican Revolution. El Quelite was once a trading post and horse-changing station utilized for travel along the mining routes, and in the transport of precious metals to the coast. It was also the site of many historic events involving rebel groups during the Mexican Revolution, such as the infamous “Laureanos”, known for robbing horse-drawn wagons carrying gold.

During your visit, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular surroundings in a walking walk tour, or by horse or donkey. And of course, a visit to El Quelite would not be complete without savoring the delicious dishes of El Meson De Los Laureanos, a unique gastronomic experience. You’ll enjoy the variety of flavorful dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients of the region, made with ancestral recipes which today are still acclaimed by international and local patrons. You’ll also have the opportunity to admire the rich architecture of houses dating from the 19th Century, homes with red-tiled roofs and beautiful porch gardens of ferns and bougainvillea. Among this town´s attractions are the Hot Springs, grottos and petroglyphs, as well as the ancient pre-Hispanic game of “Ulama,” which is still played regularly in tournaments by the natives.

El Quelite deservedly has become a very important attraction, and in its few years in becoming so, has experienced considerable growth.

How to get there: Head south on highway 15 Mexico-Nogales and make a right turn at the El Quelite junction at Km. 33.

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