Typical Villages and Pueblos Mágicos

Typical Villages and Pueblos Mágicos

Mazatlán’s surrounding villages and Pueblos Mágicos combine beautiful natural elements with an undeniable authenticity and historical value. Narrow cobblestone streets and heavenly views sprinkled with buildings that represent the area’s traditional architecture make these rural destinations a feast for the eyes, and a taste of traveling back in time.

The charm of villages officially distinguished as Pueblos Mágicos – such as Cosalá, El Fuerte and El Rosario, among others – captivate more and more visitors each year, both domestic and foreign, who are instantly immersed in their mining history, tropical weather, old churches and ghost legends. Established long before the colonial period, these villages were frequented by the Noahoa Indians, who left their mark in the form of engraved stones. These artifacts, long-held colorful traditions, mysterious buildings, and centuries-old cuisine are but part of what visitors experience at each of these remarkable destinations.

A respite from the cosmopolitan bustle of city life, to visit these Pueblos Mágicos is to go back at least 500 years.

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