The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

The second-highest lighthouse built on a natural setting in the world, Mazatlán’s lighthouse sits atop Crestón Hill, 515 feet above sea level. Topped only by a lighthouse in Gibraltar, this claim to fame is a great source of pride among Mazatlecans.

Built on an impressive natural rock formation comprising a series of cliff edges, the lighthouse was constructed during the Porfirio Díaz administration. Originally an island, the need to relocate sport fishing fleets compelled authorities to build a breakwater, effectively connecting the lighthouse to the mainland. The light that emanates from it has a scope of 48 nautical miles, providing safety for navigation from any part of the world.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach the lighthouse on foot, during which visitors are treated to spectacular views of Mazatlán’s bay and some refreshing exercise. You can also reach the lighthouse by car, bus, or bicycle.

For those who love hiking, bird-watching, beautiful natural scenery, adventure, and photography, the lighthouse is an ideal excursion. We recommend you schedule your lighthouse outing for early in the morning, and don’t forget to take a hat, water, tennis shoes, and comfortable clothing. From the top, enjoy a panoramic vista of the Southern area of Mazatlán and a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean. In the afternoons, delight in the region’s impressive sunsets.

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