Tequila Distillery “Los Osuna”

Tequila Distillery “Los Osuna”

Mazatlán’s surrondings reflect a history rich in the cultivation of blue agave, a distilled spirit that competes in quality with the finest tequilas. Originating among the numerous “vinatas,” or agave-producing estates, the 130-year-old Los Osuna today stands as the only surviving agave plantation, situated on the outskirts of the town of La Noria.

Visitors are treated to a transfixing panorama of thousands of blue agave rosettes flanked symmetrically along the highway during the short journey to historic La Vinata de Los Osuna. As visitors enter the picturesque village of La Noria beneath the shade of flowering huanacaxtle trees, it is easy to embrace the 19th-century ambiance that still touches the vinata and its outlying village. And while the distillery itself now utilizes modern technology in the production of the agave spirit, the original distillation process and its antiquated tools are still maintained as a fascinating glimpse of the past.

Educational tours demonstrate how the agave was traditionally harvested by hand, smashed and ground for its syrup upon the vinata’s founding in 1876. Travelers can visit La Vinata de Los Osuna as part of a tour that also includes the village of La Noria and the zipline course at Huana Coa Canopy Adventures.

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