Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Mazatlán is renowned between fishermen as one of the biggest fish trap in the world, as it is located where the Pacific Ocean meets with the Sea of Cortez and water temperatures as well as currents bring swordfish, marlin, flying fish and tuna all year long, creating an impressive fish bank.

Aboard spectacular wooden and fiberglass boats that measure between 38 and 42 feet, and feature 4 fishing lines, you’ll enjoy a unique fishing experience and excellent service. During this 8-hour attraction, you’ll savor a delicious lunch, beers, sodas and water while the day’s fishing trophy arrives.

Sailfish season starts on March and ends on December, the Marlin one is from December to April. Our fishing boats depart from the lighthouse where the former Marine was located, and we offer 4 fishing lines during this activity.
At Mazatlán, the best sport fishing is waiting for you, a truly paradise for fishermen that want to enjoy a wonderful day sailing in open waters and catching the most spectacular variety of fish.

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