Native to Mazatlán, pulmonias – open-air taxis that resemble golf carts – are the most plentiful form of transportation in the area, and undoubtedly the most fun. Travel between hotspots while enjoying the boardwalk sights and warm breeze on your skin in what have become a tourist attraction in their own right.

Pulmonias were first seen on the streets of Mazatlán in 1960, when a local named Miguel Ramírez convinced the government to allow a parade of these peculiar vehicles. Modified golf carts were used at first and later replaced with fiber-glass structures, which are still in use today. The origin of the name is unknown, but rumor has it it derives from a concerned Mazatlecan expressing his fear to catch pneumonia – the english translation of pulmonia – if he rode in an open-air car. The name promptly caught on, and remains in use to this day.

A must while you’re in Mazatlán, there is nothing quite like our pulmonias.

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