Lake Picachos

Lake Picachos

Known for its abundant stores of fish, Lake Picachos has earned its reputation as a bass factory.

The easiest and most accessible of the area’s fishing lakes, Picachos is about 30 miles from Mazatlán and an hour drive from the airport. Most important, it’s teeming with bass and tilapia. Lake Picachos is today what El Salto, Guerrero and Comedero were in their prime: lakes famous for producing 100-200 bass per day. Two- to five-pound bass are typical, with catches of up to 12 pounds. And look out for the Florida strain bass in excess of 10 pounds!

Brushy and heavy with cover, Lake Picachos is a spinnerbait fisherman’s paradise. While most lures in the tackle bag will work at any given time, the lake will produce more and possibly bigger bass on spinnerbaits, lizards, senkos, flukes, and shallow-running crankbaits. And the topwater action in the morning and afternoons can be phenomenal. Pop-R’s and Super Spooks have been the big producers!

Where Lake El Salto is known for its trophy-size bass – a fit for anglers in search of that record-breaking catch – Lake Picachos offers quantity, with more quality-size bass than most anglers can imagine.

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