Casa 46

Casa 46

Casa 46 is the new face of refined cuisine in Mazatlán.

Born out of the inspiration, creativity, and esteemed reputation of Chef Marino Maganda and the Pueblo Bonito Group, Casa 46 is emblematic of Mazatlán’s resurgence, a dining destination for world travelers with discerning palates.

Located in the heart of Mazatlán’s Historical Center – a bohemian area brimming with delectable restaurants and artisanal boutiques hidden along cobblestone streets – it faces beautiful Machado Square, with a view of the famed Angela Peralta Theater across the park. At once elegant and inviting, it is a cherished meeting place for Mazatlán locals and tourists alike.

High quality and excellent service have been the trademarks imprinted by Pueblo Bonito Group President, Ernesto Coppel Kelly, on all his tourist resorts and the restaurants therein, a commitment which has garnered him worldwide recognition. It is this same attention to quality and detail that is brought to Casa 46.

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